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Those of you who came in here expecting an Alchemicals game, you’re only half right.

I’m looking to do a little beta testing on my latest Exalted project, Masters of the Industrial Elements. It’s 100 pages of material set in Autochthonia, originally intended as an antagonist splat for one of my previous games. I know 3e is right around the corner but, since I plan to update the project to 3e when it comes out, I figure any playtesting that I do now can only help.

So, Q&A time:

First off, what sort of game will this be?
This game is going to be set in and around the territory belonging to the Tireless Cog Tribe. You’ll be dropped headfirst into trying to survive in the Far Reaches of the Realm of Brass and Shadow with only the stolen power of one of Autochthonia’s elementals to help you survive and thrive. Where things go from there? You decide.

Second, what sort of Storyteller am I?
I am a very sandboxy Storyteller. I function best when I am reacting to my players instead of my players reacting to me. This means several things. I will not be managing your time in the spotlight. If you feel your character is not getting to shine, it means you either need to step up your activities in game, or else get with me so that I can fix whatever deficiency is preventing you from playing to your characters strengths. I expect my players to complain if I am screwing up. You will not hurt my feelings if you tell me that you are bored or that you don’t like the direction things are going. I expect you to come up with your own solutions to presented problems, because I will not actively try to nudge you towards any given solution. Further, if you think of something cool that you’d love to see, whether just a single encounter or as big as an entire plotline, let me know so I can include it in the game. I do not care if you split the party up. I’ve had groups in five different locations and three different time periods before.

Third, where will the game take place and where will dice be rolled?
The game will be played here on the forums, we will use the forum dice roller (use rollv instead of roll so you can count successes), I will also roll real dice at home to handle things like damage rolls, rolls your characters should not be aware of, and anything that I feel might slow down the game (which can include your stunt dice).

Fourth, how many players am I looking for?
I’m aiming for around five. I’ve run games for as many as seven and for as few as two, though, so I will be picking my players based on the quality of their writing rather than trying to fill slots.

Fifth, what sort of characters am I looking for?
You will be Domini fresh out of character creation. You need to fit in with the Tireless Cog Tribe, but beyond that I have few guidelines about your character to give you.

Sixth, when do submissions need to be in by?
Since we don’t have much time until everyone will be swarming around 3 edition, I’d like to see submissions in by October 1st, 2012. Since submissions aren’t ready yet, I guess we’ll be extending the deadline to October 8th, 2012.

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