Sigmund’s Legacy

Diemut's Artifact Direlance

weapon (melee)

Speed 5; Accuracy 4; Damage +5L/8L/2; Defense +2; Rate 2; Two handed, Lance Type, Overwhelming, Reach, Thrown


A Soulsteel Dire Lance artifact weapon used by her uncle, Diemut inherited it when he died ten years ago.

Sigmund Essert was Diemut’s great uncle and one of the longest active Domini of the Tireless Cog. He pulled off many a raid and even bound a couple of bladelings at the same time. He played both sides of the ambush more times than anyone can remember.
It cost him a lot over the years, including his wife very early on. In fact most of his early career was a mission of vengence. It wasn’t until his sister had a child that he started to become more mellow.
He was quick to laugh ‘off-duty’ but while he was working (either as a hunter or soldier) he was silent, save for sharing his plans. Between his seriousness and his habait of having a plan to ruin everyone, he was a highly respected Ashwalker.

Sigmund’s Legacy

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