Heissa Nödt

Kind-Hearted Angel Healer


(Travelling Outfit)

(OotS ver.)

To ensure the physical and social health of the Taken by restoring them to permanently settled life.


Taken, Old Realm

Strength ●
Dexterity ●●●
Stamina ●●
Charisma ●●●
Manipulation ●
Appearance ●●●
Perception ●●
Intelligence ●●●
Wits ●●●●

Favored Ability: Medicine
Archery ●●
Linguistics ●
Medicine ●●●●● (2 BP), Specialty: Treating Wounds ●●●
Presence ●●●●● ,Specialty: Command ●
Socialize ●●●●●
Out of Aspect:
Dodge ●●●
Integrity ●
Resistance ●●
Athletics ●
Lore ●●

Weapon Stats
Steam Bolt: Speed 5, Accuracy +(Essence 2), Damage (4 + Essence 2 + Aspect 3)L, Rate 1, Range 200, Cost 3m
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy +0, Damage +0B, Defense –, Rate 1,Tags C, N, P
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy +0, Damage +3B, Defense -2, Rate 2, Tags N
Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy +1, Damage +0B, Defense +2, Rate 3, Tags N

Communion ●●
Resources ●●
Familiar (Gulhen the Tailless Glow-Rat) ●
Heirloom Stone ●
Influence (Former Patients) ●

Steam ●●● (6 BP)

Excellency of Steam (Medicine Excellency)
Steam Bolt Attack (Steam-aspect based attack)
Seeing Without Eyes (Sense things through air movement)
Wound-Cauterizing Touch (Treat infections)
Disability-Rectifying Care (Treat without damage or amputation)
Boiling Emotion Cauldron (Evoke Emotion with Unnatural influence)

Intimacies 8 Available
Hatred: Violent Elementals and Exmachina
Pride: The Tireless Cog Tribe
Concern: The Taken
Maternal Love: Patients

Essence: ●● (10 BP)
Essence Pool: 28

Willpower ●●●●●

Compassion: ●●●
Conviction: ●●
Temperance: ●●
Valor: ●●

Loss of Control
Control 10/10

-0 []
-1 [][]
-2 [][]
-4 []
Incapacitated []

Off-White Leather Robes
Wide Traveling Hat
Small Traveling Bag
Basic Surgical Tool Set
Rags and Strips of Cloth
Small Metal Rat Cage

XP Gained:
XP Spent:


Heissa was a fragile child born into a family of hardy miners. Everyday she would see her family go off into the dangerous reaches to search for resources. More than occasionally, come would back injured. She heard stories of the hazards of mining, of vengeful elementals, and of all sorts of other horrors that resided in vile Autochthon. When she was finally old enough to be apprenticed, her parents sent her to a merchant as they worried that the world outside the town would be too much for her. Young and eager, she threw herself into becoming a saleswoman so that she could make her parents proud. Along with an endearing innocence stemming from her somewhat sheltered childhood to help her appeal, the merchant often sourced from her family and she thus had a personal stake in the business. However, the more she worked, the more she became disillusioned with certain aspects of the business. While the arrangements helped both merchants and the miners, the miners lived a life of constant danger. The lives of the nomadic tribes the merchant traded with were even more fret with troubles.

Shortly after she became old enough to live on her own, her older brother was killed by a gremlin elemental in front of her parents. She resolved to do something more direct for the miners and even the nomadic tribes. Knowing she would need power, she asked for a chance at the honor of becoming a Dominus. Against the will of her parents, who were concerned for her life and did not want to loose another child, she went through with the procedure and through her will successfully integrated with a Steam Binding Stone. She then started her life over, studying under the few healers available to her. Once she felt she had learn all she could learn, she set up a clinic out of her tent near the outskirts of town. She only charges what she believes to be a reasonable amount for the person to pay for her services, less for miners and almost nothing for visiting nomads. She still treats the more fotunate, such as merchants and tribal leaders who trust the powers of a Dominus to provide proper care, she just charges more. She makes a good but not extravagant living on her services. Her hope is to ensure the physical health of the town via her services and even its social health by bring all classes in-contact with each other, even if only at the front of the tent. One day, she hopes to take a more active role in leading her people but she has been preoccupied with her medical duties.

Heissa is very intelligent but occasionally absentminded. Indeed, on first meeting her causally, she can seem silly or ditsy but she will quickly focus when needed. This can sometimes be jarring for those around her as the seemingly harmless young woman becomes a commanding figure with the presence expected of a Dominus. She can’t stand watching people suffer and works to end what suffering she sees. This extends beyond immediate physical pain to social issues, which drives her desire to change her people’s way of life.

Heissa Nödt

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